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Chinese Brush Painting


Chinese Brush Painting Class

About the Instructor: Monica Shia is a Chinese American who has taught Chinese Brush Painting in many Chinese Schools and Universities (Art Department) and Adult’s Continuing Educations for many years. She has well over 30 years of experience in this beautiful art.

What is Chinese Brush Painting? Chinese Brush Painting is an integral part of the Chinese Culture. It is the predominant Art of China. It conceptualizes all the beauty and much of the philosophy to be found in the oldest world’s civilizations.

 In this class you will learn the following: Tools: We will use the brush, ink, ink stone and rice paper as the materials. Strokes: Starting with the basic 11 techniques which are essential strokes in Chinese Painting Subjects: The Four Gentlemen: The bamboo, the plum tree, the orchid and the chrysanthemum. These subjects are represented as Chinese Culture and Arts. The bamboo is the most famous of all. Brushwork: Quality of brushwork is the paramount goal in Chinese Paining. “When you have ink, you have color” To learn the techniques of tow or three tones from monochrome.

Many amateur artists take up classical painting for a disciplined form of relaxation and achievement of the beautiful. (Mental concentration is necessary before the painting begins.)

This is an excellent hobby which can help your health, your mind and your soul, quality of life to live long. This combination of techniques and spiritual qualities is deeply rewarding.


All materials will be provided. Open to all ages.

You may attend individual classes and begin at any time.



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